Thursday, February 7, 2008

What a great outing

Hi Folks. This is just to get the blog going. The 3 sister clubs that came together in Berjaya Hills at the Gracehill Orchard Lodge had a great time. Just look at it as a group of oldies going back to the time when they were young, letting their hair down (or whatever is left of it).

Imagine some of the old guys jumping off an 8 feet platform thinking that they are still young. Picture President Edmund shivering in the cold waiting to jump and then actually jumping. What a breakthrough it was for him. Wait for the full report, OK?

Chow. I am in Singapore for 9 days teaching at an International Leadership program. I am having a great time here with Participants from 20 countries. Impacting and chaning lives is a privilege and we in the Rotary must always remember this..... Right on!! HS

Post your comments if you like. The pictures will be hoisted up soon enough.

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